Sony dvd SR760 HDMI
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Sony dvd SR760 HDMI

KSh 7,000.00

  • Enjoy clearer, sharper, picture and sound
  • Remember your place in up to six DVD discs
  • Enjoy music as well as movies
  • Control your player and TV with one remote control
  • Free Heavy Duty Power Extension Cable
  • Super dustproof
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Sony DVP-SR370 DVD Player will redefine the way you enjoy entertainment. This DVD player offer the convenience and flexibility of playing different types of disc format. It has been built in a way that it will even play discs that are dusty or have a scratched surface. You will be able to enjoy high quality pictures with all your favourite movies and music videos. It will deliver sharp pictures with an unmatched depth and clarity. It is going to redefine the way your experience with high definition videos. It has the ability to expand your entertainment options; this is because it is quite versatile.

The Sony DVP-SR370 DVD Player will get you stuck in your chair as you will get non-stop entertainment. This player has a stylish design for a timeless and perfect look, the classy design is further enhanced by an almost invisible disc slot. There is no doubt that this DVD will be a perfect addition to your home.


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